Foot tunnels, paths and parks are now pinch points in crowded towns and cities for cyclists, pedestrians and runners. Live monitoring and intelligent messaging provides a solution


Our system provides local authorities with real time monitoring of the urban environment and responds with intelligent signage that prompts ‘nudge behaviour’ to allow safer sharing of crowded foot tunnels, paths and parks.

  • Real time analysis of pedestrian, runner and cyclist traffic volume
  • Intelligent signage encourages responsible cycling during busy periods
  • Allows dual use of pathways and tunnels to ease congestion
  • Safeguards pedestrians
  • Supports strategies to increase cycle usage
  • Prompts considerate behaviour in place of expensive and inefficient ‘hard’ enforcements
  • Gives authorities real time analysis of traffic volume and activity
  • Enables ‘soft’ enforcement of safe behaviour
  • Read more in our Thames Foot Tunnels case study

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