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GEOmii Parking app launched. Finds you the closest and cheapest parking to your destination, and navigates you right there. Download it for free from the Apple App Store* now.

* Android version now also live

Case Study: Guildford

GEOmii has built the world’s first multi sensor (fixed and mobile) and multi-asset parking and retail monitoring system in Guildford. Live and predicted parking space availability covers the whole of this historic city, making finding parking a breeze, and we provide live information for businesses and local government on the parking and retail environments, 24 hours a day.

Case Study: Woolwich & Greenwich Foot Tunnels

GEOmii has installed the Active Mobility system in the Woolwich and Greenwich Foot Tunnels to allow intelligent messaging to promote the safe sharing of these key routes by pedestrians and cyclists.

About Us

GEOmii was established to enhance the sustainability of our urban environments. By 2050, 70% of the population is predicted to be city-based. GEOmii researches, develops and integrates solutions to make high density city living more sustainable.

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Local authorities

Let’s reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and inject new life into shopping districts


GEOmii has partnered with leading technology innovators, retailers and local government to invest over £2m in a unique, scalable, cloud-based GEOmii Platform. The GEOmii Platform is able to link to data from other Ethos systems to create city-wide, integrated tools that form the basis of a truly future city.

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